The Programme

SELA is a two year programme with a weekly commitment of three to four hours. Our members join in autumn of their second year of degree study, and ideally complete the programme before beginning their final year.

Launch Event

The programme begins with a Launch Event. This two-day long event introduces new members to the programme, to each other and starts to develop their skills through practical activities and challenges.

Skills workshops

Across both years of the programme, we offer skill development workshops which enhance their skills ready for graduation

Topics include

  • Project Management Techniques

  • Delivering Feedback and Coaching

  • Managing and Influencing People

  • Change Management

In addition to this, SELSA members will be asked to seek and complete 12 hours of their own self directed self development which is approved by SELSA.

Guest talks

Professionals from a variety of industries, at different stages of their careers, join us to share the benefit of their experience. They bring learning to life with real examples, whilst helping our members begin to build their professional networks.

Many of our guest speakers are alumni of the Faculty of Engineering, and are now in leadership roles within and beyond engineering.

High Impact Experiences

SELSA members have to complete a minimum of 3 high impact experiences across the two years of the programme. This could include a group project, or other leadership, internship or volunteering.

Every first year SELSA student will work on a SELSA project. These projects involve delivering real solutions to real stakeholders, and provide an opportunity to work collaboratively whilst practising and further enhancing skills.

SELSA members could also complete a high impact experience through completing a summer internship. These may be in industry, either in the UK or overseas, or in academic research. For academic research placements, members work alongside an academic member of staff or research team in the Faculty of Engineering and complete a piece of research with dissemination outputs. Bursaries are available from SELA, working in partnership with the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience scheme, to support the process.

Regardless of what opportunities our SELSA members take, they are asked to reflect on their skills development using the University mySkills personal development record.

Service Element

At SELSA, we want to develop leaders who are responsible, ethical and supportive of others . As part of this, second year SELSA students will mentor the first year members, giving them the extra support needed as they take their first steps into leadership. The second year students will also select and arrange our inspirational guest speaker sessions to ensure they are relevant to the student body. When our students become leaders of the future, they will be able to come back to SELSA and support the programme.