Foundational attributes

Seven foundational attributes are at the core of SELA, and guide the learning process for our members.

Enterprise capability

The ability to bring about positive change, and respond resourcefully and strategically to opportunities, by generating new ideas and taking action to make them happen.

Good judgement

The ability and willingness to make decisions, taking into account

  • political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental context

  • risks

  • uncertainty

  • ethical considerations

Technical and academic ability

The ability to apply technical engineering knowledge to analyse problems and develop solutions, working in a range of multi-disciplinary environments.


The ability to influence others, by creating and communicating a purposeful, compelling and transformational vision of the future.


The ability to accept and respond to change, embrace different perspectives, be adaptable and take alternative courses of action when appropriate.


The ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in personal, interpersonal and professional skills. The ability to utilise strengths whilst pro-actively planning and engaging in continued education, training, and development.

Personal vision

The ability to clearly identify and work towards long-term ambitions through developing and working towards career and life goals, which are inspired and shaped by personal and professional values.