Support our members

We want our members to learn from the best, the people who can show them how to realise their aspirations and help them to succeed.

Being part of SELSA creates a mutually beneficial partnership. You can develop skills such as facilitation and mentoring, gain personal satisfaction from enhancing their leadership potential, and discover new talent for your organisation.

Opportunities to get involved

Speak as a guest and inspire a new generation

Join our external speaker programme and pass on your practical knowledge, wisdom, and experience to the next generation. Help to contextualise their learning and bring the skills development to life.

Host an industry visit and showcase engineering excellence

Enable our students to see engineering in different context and fully appreciate the challenges of engineering leadership by hosting a visit at your organisation.

Deliver skills workshops and nurture talent

Share your skills with students through delivering a workshop as part of our weekly programme. We can support you and co-facilitate if you are building your own experience in facilitation.

Employ and supervise a summer intern

Employ some of the best engineering undergraduate students to work on a project for your organisation over the summer months, or for a year in industry placement.

Sponsor SELA, invest and unlock potential

From hosting the residential boot camp, travelling to industry visits, and funding SELA Research Bursaries, our programme is only possible thanks to generous financial support from our sponsors.

Join today

By investing in future leadership talent, you and your company can access a range of benefits, including the opportunity to

  • pro-actively address the UK skills gap in engineering

  • shape and influence the education of future employees and leaders

  • meet and get to know a new generation of highly motivated engineers

  • benefit from the talent, motivation and enthusiasm of young, innovative engineers

To discuss opportunities in more detail, contact us.